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ShapeWear Bodysuit

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A favorite of Post-Partum mama's and more comfortable than the traditional post-partum waist wear!
The Dauntless ShapeWear  Bodysuit will not only suck in all your annoying rolls so you look and feel confident when working out and running your errands, but it will also cinch your waist and help mold your body into your desired shape, all while staying in place.
No more having to pull up your leggings every five minutes.
Plus, our unique design allows for a more comfortable fit than traditional shape wear. The unique neoprene corset goes all the way down to your lower abdomen, covering your panty lines. This means you can benefit from the sweat benefit in all the key places from the top of your torso to the bottom of your abdomen.
You can squat with ease of mind, knowing your underwear will be for your eyes only.
Also, as a new mother, this bodysuit will offer just enough support and compression to help you get back to your pre-baby body.
Designed as a multifunctional piece - comfortable athletic squat proof leggings and shape wear in one.
  1. Adjustable Multi-way straps: Designed for your comfort while ensuring the bodysuit stays in place. Depending on how much you tighten it, it can offer extra support to your (sports) bra. You can choose to wear them in the traditional fashion , criss- cross them , etc. They will also ensure your leggings never roll down ! 
  2. Industrial Metal zipper paired with a clasp at the top portion , designed to hold your abdomen in and help give you a smooth shape. See #3 below.
  3.   A novel torso piece incorporated into the bodysuit is designed to reduce the appearance of belly fat and back fat; it is made of a sweat inducing material which may add a boost to your weight loss efforts whether you wear it for your daily errands or for your daily workout ; it is designed to cover your abdomen and back from right underneath your bra all the way to your lower abdomen. Part of the benefit of this middle section and material and the fact that it comes down lower so that it doesn’t squeeze fat into unwanted places , it provides more uniform coverage and it makes your booty squat proof. No more underwear lines!!
  4. Incredibly comfortable leggings make up the bottom portion. Using high quality athletic fabric designed to accommodate your workouts, it has just enough compression to make you feel like it is holding everything together without suffocating or restricting your movement. 

Waist Measurements for Sizes *Narrowest Part of your waist*:

Size 1 -  34-36 inches

Size 2-  36-38 inches

Size 3-  38-40 inches

Size 4-  40-42 inches

Size 5- 42-44 inches

-------MADE IN THE USA !!