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TRINA Hoodie - Red

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Incredibly luxurious, soft, cozy and addictingly comfortable eco-friendly bamboo hoodie. It looks great on your body whether you are petite or curvy.  

  • Long Crop
  • Unique Bamboo Cotton Blend
  • Incredibly Soft
  • Customer Favorite, one isn't enough
  • Designed and Manufacture in Los Angeles
  • Eco-friendly Fabric


Please note, sizes are just suggestions as everyone has a different preference on how loose their hoodie should fit them.  Our Women's gear is designed to accommodate women of all shapes and sizes.

---------- Please use the below to determine your idea hoodie size, based on bra sizes. All hoodies are with same size chart. 

Size 1: up to 40 B
Size 2: up to 40C
Size 3: up to 40D
Size 4: up to 40F
Size 5: up to 40G

Please keep in mind, these are loose fitting crop tops and will look just fine on you if your bust size is smaller, this is just giving you a guideline.


Did you know Bamboo is: 

- fully sustainable

- Regenerates in 55 days

- Requires no pesticides

- Requires little irrigation

- Is biodegradable