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The Dauntless Pursuit with Brandon Kolpack -- celebrity trainer, marvel actor, model, life coach

Posted by Marina Nazarbekian on

" In today’s episode we’re joined by Brandon Kolpack, if you are following our Instagram Account for our recently launched clothing line, Dauntless Gear, you’ve already seen him as our star male model…. He also happens to be a Celebrity Personal Trainer,he’s a Reign athelte, he’s an actor and has been on Marvel’s Agent of Shield, season four the tahiti episode . Welcome to the podcast Brandon! Lets dive right in. One of the things we really liked about it is that you’re a no nonsense kind of guy. You dive right in, say yes to opportunities, and put great positive energy into everything you do. But why don’t we take a moment and have you tell the listeners a bit more about yourself, what you do currently, and then we’ll talk about mantras motivations, passions and future goals. "

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